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The practice of law is a service-oriented profession, and we provide high 
quality and responsive service to each of our clients. The Law Offices of 
Clayton Wrzesinski, P.C., is a practice built on establishing and 
maintaining long-standing relationships with clients through personal 
attention and the ability to empathize with clients regarding their 
particular legal needs. We treat each client with respect and courtesy, 
and respond promptly to inquiries.  We have not lost sight of the 
importance of one-on-one contact with our clients, and always provide a 
professional and personable environment in which clients can feel 
comfortable and assured that their legal needs are being understood and 
addressed by a dedicated attorney.

We are also committed to meeting the needs of our clients by 
maintaining a staff of responsive, personable, and knowledgeable
people. Regardless of the abilities of the individuals
comprising the  firm, however, we recognize
our success is derived from faith and commitment.  
We realize that each of us has an
important role to play and each must rely
upon the other for the firm to continue
to meet its full potential in providing the highest
level of service.  The members of this team
possess sterling academic credentials, strong
community ties, and a deep commitment
to your success. We speak “plain English,” and
are passionately committed to the needs
of our clients.

The firm’s technology and communications systems are designed
with the client in mind. Utilizing state of the art and cost-effective 
methods, we strive to  provide services in timely, ethical, and 
professional manner by responding promptly to telephone calls, 
reporting regularly on case developments, and helping to
minimize your risk by staying on top of changes in the law.

This Law Office operates on the simple but very important
principle that each employee of the firm is a skilled and valuable

Professionals always give 100% effort. I know that as a professional, 
each employee will do his or her part to uphold the firm’s custom of 
serving its clients and the community in a quality, courteous, expeditious 
and cost effective manner.

"I strive to generate honorable feeling among myself and my team,
which is reflected to my  clients. Of utmost importance, I endeavor
to create and maintain a cheerful and productive work environment
dedicated to 100% client satisfaction."  --Clayton Wrzesinski,
Attorney at Law.
Clayton Wrzesinski
  1. Clayton Wrzesinski