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  1. Should I file Chapter 7 or 13?
    Should I file Chapter 7 or 13?
    At our firm, we will be able to help you with that question. Everyone's individual circumstances vary, but generally speaking a person with money left over at the end of the month after taking into account their monthly budget including all "necessary" bills, would probably be a good Chapter 13 candidate. If you do not have any excess income after paying your monthly minimum expense, then a Chapter 7 might be your only option.
  2. Do I get to keep any of my property?
    Do I get to keep any of my property?
    You get to keep your exempt property. In Texas there are several advantageous exemptions available to debtors. Our attorneys will carefully review your situation to ensure that all available exemptions are used to your best benefit.
  3. What can I expect?
    What can I expect?
    Our attorneys will prepare a detailed petition listing all of your property, debts and other financial information. After you approve the petition, it will be filed electronically with the Court. A short period later there will be a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee that you must attend. This is usually the only appearance required and one of our attorneys will be right there with you. Unless there are problems or one of your creditors objects, the discharge will be granted a few months later.
  4. How long will I be in Bankruptcy?
     How long will I be in Bankruptcy?
    It will take approximately three months from the time the petition is filed until the date of final discharge for a Chapter 7. Under the Chapter 13 framework, you are "in bankruptcy" for the duration of the repayment plan, usually 36-60 months.